Ritson Haven

Dalston Lane, Hackney, London

Proposal for a two storey two bedroom dwelling house with a lower ground floor at the rear of 110 Dalston Lane. The proposed house sits in a transition zone between the geometries of the line of taller buildings of Dalston Lane and the lower ones of the terrace in Ritson Road.

The selection of materials has been considered to add a contemporary element to the streetscape simultaneously referencing details and accents present in the vicinity of the site. The scale and mass has been developed to ensure the proposed building does not dominate the street scene but instead contributes to the conservation area whilst providing much needed housing.

Significantly the proposed house is directly adjacent to 1 Ritson Road and hence it’s position, scale and proportions have been determined by the northern Ritson Road terrace. A key factor in the design has been the massing and rhythm of the buildings in Ritson Road.