We are a diverse and knowledgeable team with a contemporary and pragmatic approach, we aim to create contextual architecture that is carefully considered, materially and spatially rich. We particularly enjoy working with existing buildings and the richness they can bring to a project.

Our experience is broad and includes many projects within conservation areas, listed buildings and generally very constrained urban sites often requiring a technical and rational problem-solving approach. MBA are an aspirational office, we see opportunity and find solutions where many others can’t.

MBA have total commitment to our clients and understand that successful projects big and small, are a result of dedicated team work. That’s why we value our relationships with a proven range of consultants to ensure we can deliver our very best. Each member of our studio is responsible for running projects, giving clearer communication and building a direct relationship for our clients.

The Studio was founded by Milan Babic in 2002, a Chartered Architect since 1993. Milan Studied Architecture at Oxford Brookes, holds a Masters degree in Urban Planning and has over 25 years’ experience of delivering successful buildings.

We believe development and developers are crucial to assisting with the critical question of our era, how and where will we house a growing and ageing population? We work hard with developers to ensure projects are financially viable, robust and attractive.

Our ability to combine local, national and statutory policies with a cost-effective and holistic attitude toward early design, detailed design and construction stages, means we often deliver well designed projects with a maximum gross development value for our clients.